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My name is Jamie and I have put this site together to share my love of Garage Sales and my success with Garage Saling!  Throughout this site I will teach you how to be more successful and make more money with your Garage Sale and Yard Sale endeavors!

My Garage Sale Experience…

I have been successfully buying items at garage sales and reselling those items online for $1000’s in profits for the past 7 years, making a near full-time income and I will teach you everything I know.

By my estimate, I have been to nearly 10,000 garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales and have personally had around 20 successful garage sales, so I have a wealth of knowledge to share.

What you will find on this site…

Whether you have come to this site because you are having a garage sale and are looking for tips and resources to help you make your garage sale more successful or if you are looking for a way to be more successful in your garage sale hunting, I believe you will find the information I will give you to be the best, most current, and most applicable information on the internet. -I’m a little biased, but I’ll try my best! :)

Having a Garage Sale and treasure hunting at garage sales and yard sales can be sooo much fun, but one thing is for sure… The more you know, the more successful you will be!

Throughout these pages you will find complete training in everything regarding garage sale success. You may even find a couple of my $1000 garage sale finds!

Please have a look around. I welcome your comments and feedback and will do my best to make this website as helpful as possible!

Here are a Few Places to Get Started…

Tips for Sellers

If you are here because you are going to be having a garage sale…
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Tips for Buyers

If you are here because you would like to make extra money buying items at garage sales and reselling your finds for great profits…
Get Started Here by reading the first part of my training How to Garage Sale

Other Things that may help you…

If you are here for any other reason, feel free to look around! You may learn how to sell stuff online. You may learn how you can save tons of money on everyday purchases by finding great items at garage sales. You may learn that you have more valuable stuff than you realized.

Want more…?

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If that is not enough…

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The alone book took me months to write and is up to date and extremely helpful.

I tried to write it so that whoever reads this book will be able to do exactly what I do and make the kind of profits that I do or more.  I didn’t leave anything out and I was as thorough as I could be.

It has over 300 helpful photos to show you the tools I use and 100’s of items that I have bought and sold, complete with values of the items and training on over 50 categories of items.

I have also created many training videos to give you the additional help you may need.

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If you’ve read this far and I haven’t pointed you in the right direction, you can always contact me!

I wish you great success!

Good luck and let me know how you do!

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