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Here are some of my best finds of 2014
23 Finds for over $4800 Profit

Here are a few items I have handpicked to share that I found last year.  The profits range from $100-$638.55!

These are just a few of my higher profit items found in 2015.

I have 100’s of other items that I made between $20-$100 each.
I will try to make another post with some more good finds from last year in the coming weeks.

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Jan 24 2015 Garage Sale Finds – $500+ Profit

Below you will find the items that I found this week.

It was a rainy Saturday morning, but it was the first Community Garage Sale scheduled this year, so luckily there were still people having sales in their garages.
It rained hard until around 8am and then lightly rained until around 10am.
I stayed in the neighborhood until around 10:30am, and drove through the whole neighborhood at least 6-7 times.  Each time I drove around, I’d find another sale that wasn’t out before.
I wouldn’t normally do that, but with it being a rainy morning, the chance of finding garage sales other places was pretty slim.

This was not too bad for a rainy winter Saturday.

I will also be uploading a video of these finds and my commentary to this site and to my Youtube channel.
Feel free to subscribe to my channel to get updates.

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A Day of Playing Nice… Was it worth the loss?

Do you ever feel like at a Garage Sale it’s every man for himself?

I had the opportunity this weekend to buy a couple things that clearly would have been fair for me to buy, but it would have made somebody mad or upset in the process.

Here are 2 unwritten rules that I’ve always played by…

1. The first person to get to an item or to be looking at an item has the right to buy it.
2. When a person walks away from an item without buying it, taking it, or telling the seller they are going to buy it makes it fair game for anyone else.

Here is the first item “I bought”

Excellent Condition Girls Barbie Bike

Excellent Condition Girls Barbie Bike $5 – Value $25-$35

The seller was just pulling it out of the garage and a man asks how much the bike was.  She said $5.
He did the normal tire kicker motions.  Rolled it, Braked it, Squeezed the tires, and Smacked the Seat.
Then he walked away and started looking at other stuff.

When I was done looking about 30 seconds later, I went to the lady and gave $5 and said I’ll take the bike.
As I was going to take it, she mentioned about a little toy bike in bag and how it attaches to the handle bars.
I already knew about that, because my daughter had a similar bike when she was smaller.

Next thing I know, the man says “Oh I was going to take that.”
It was kind of silent for a couple seconds and the lady says, he just bought it.
I told him that I saw him looking at it, but I waited until he walked away from it and assumed he wasn’t interested in it. Continue Reading…

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