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$2100+ Profit in One Weekend! – April 2015 Week 2

It’s my favorite time of year to go to Garage Sales… Community Garage Sale Season!

I actually went out on Friday morning this week because there were a couple smaller community sales making it worth my time.  I probably made around $500 on Friday, but Saturdays are always the best days for a Community Garage Sale.

There was about 5 good community sales that I could choose from, including my own neighborhood, but I chose to go to a sale that always has over 100 sales and I always do well at.  Picking the right sales to go to can leave you very torn and cause you to second guess your decisions depending on how well you do.

I learned my lesson last month when I chose to go to a smaller community sale because I thought I would have less competition, only to find out that it had very little participation and I ended up having to go to the large community sale around 9:00am.

I have started creating my full garage sale finds blog posts for my members area, but you will still be able to see my top 3-5 finds for free.

Here are my top 7 finds from this weekend… Over $750 Profit

I don’t normally buy bikes unless I know I can make at least $50 and sell them rather quickly.  With these 3 bikes, I sold them all by Sunday and make at least $100 each.

Here’s a quick video I recorded telling you a little bit about the bikes so you know what to look for.

To see the rest of this weeks finds and many other finds over the last 3 years, I encourage you to Become a Member.  It will be the best decision you’ll make to be successful garage saling!


For those of you who are members, you can see the rest of this weeks finds at the link below…


 $1500+ Profit – March 2015 Week 2 – Big Community Garage Sale

It was a beautiful day with over 100 sales in one neighborhood.

I started out the day picking up some video games and disney DVDs and gradually picked up item after item to end up with a pretty good day.

See the video for my finds!
More videos of other weeks to come.


Here are some of my best finds of 2014
23 Finds for over $4800 Profit

Here are a few items I have handpicked to share that I found last year.  The profits range from $100-$638.55!

These are just a few of my higher profit items found in 2015.

I have 100’s of other items that I made between $20-$100 each.
I will try to make another post with some more good finds from last year in the coming weeks.

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