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I have just uploaded my Garage Sale Finds Videos for March 2014 Week 1

Total Profit was $2841 (-fees)

Last weekend was a huge community sale that I go to every year.  This year I got out there early and did really good.  Just one house alone will make $1000-$1500 and everything else will be worth another $1500 in profit.

There is another great sale this weekend, so I hope to have another great week!

Good luck out there.


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It’s that time of year again…
Community Garage Sale Season!

Community Garage Sale Sign

Just in time for the October/Fall Community Sales, I thought I would give you some of my best tips for shopping at Community Garage Sales.


1. Get There Early
I know most sales say they start at 8am, but if you wait until 8am, those who get there early will have already scooped up the low hanging fruit (or the valuable stuff selling for cheap).

You decide how early is early enough, but you can always drive around the neighborhood early and just stop at the few houses that have stuff out early.  If there are no houses with their stuff out early or you don’t find anything early, you didn’t waste anything but a little time driving around.
The reward potential for being one of …