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"I made a $300 profit on my first weekend of garage saling using the methods that you mentioned in your book. I am very pleased with how things are going and I would like to thank you for sharing this information."

Kenny C.  St. Louis, MO

Here are Few of My Recent High Profit Finds

Bose 601 Series III Speakers
Paid $80
Sold for $550 Locally!

6 Kotobukiya Superhero Figures
Paid $30 
Sold for $668.55!

Tascam 488 MKII Portastudio
Paid $20 
Sold for $379.99 + shipping!

New Canon KP-108IP
Ink and Paper Sets 
Paid $30 
Sold for $337.32!

The big finds with the big profits are nice and you will find a few of them each month, but it is the every week smaller finds that are what really increase your profits and make them more consistent.

The More You Know, The More Money You Make

Anybody can find the easy items for resale
but the key to making more profits than others is know more
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I make $1000’s buying video games and other electronics,
but so does your competition. 
So many of the easy finds get bought up early!

While you will definitely learn how to find and buy “the low hanging fruit”,
it’s buying the items that you find after 10am that will add more profit to your day.

"I Did Not Realize the Resale Value of So Many Things..."

"Jamie helps by providing tips for when and where to go for the best garage sale finds, but what I have found most helpful is the information on what items of value he finds in his extensive hunts. I did not realize the resale value of so many of the things that I have previously walked right by and ignored at a garage sale. With the knowledge I have gained, I am buying and reselling whole categories of items I would never have considered buying prior to reading it, and this is increasing my profits."

Michelle K.  Boca Raton, FL

Here are a Few Finds That I Often See Others Pass Up

New Ink Cartridges

Did you know that new ink cartridges can be sold for $10-$20 even if they are expired and missing their original box?

Microcassette and Digital Recorders

Did you know that these old recorders are actually still worth money?
Just this one alone sells for $20-$40 on Ebay, but I show you how I sold it for $69.99! There are ways to get more profit out of your items with less work in fact.

SuperYard XT Baby and Pet Gate

I pick these up regularly for $5-$10 and sell them for $35 within 1-2 days on Craigslist.
That just paid for Dinner Out!


Would you have known that this box of books was worth over $300?
There is an easy way to know which books are valuable and I can even teach you how to ship them very cheap.

These are just a few examples

There are literally 100’s of items in my members area that you will learn to look for and buy.

Here are screen shots of my Amazon and Ebay
Sales over 12 Months

so you know I’m not making this stuff up!

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Garage Sale Coach has been ABSOLUTELY AWESOME for me and my family. I love "Hunting for Treasure", but with Jamie's website he has turned my one morning a week hobby into a true money maker! Last year alone I had $30,000 in sales on EBay, and $15,000 in sales on Amazon - not bad for a Saturday morning drive. I not only read and followed his Ebook, but also watched all of his videos and weekly updates to help me find the BEST TREASURES!!! Thanks again for all your help.

Jason G.  Cumming GA

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