What to Buy at Garage Sales to Make a Profit?

The simple answer of what to buy at garages sales and yard sales is:

Buy anything that you can resell and make a profit on!  
But the truth is that there are millions of items, and you can’t possibly know the value of everything.

I am sure that I have passed up on $1000’s in profits because I didn’t know enough. In fact, a friend of mine just passed up on almost $800 in profit because he wasn’t sure of the value of the $3 collectibles at the garage sale. If he would have used some of the tips I am about to show you, he would have easily paid the $9 for the other 3 other items that he left at the sale.

The good news is, that he knew enough to know that these things may be valuable, so he bought one for $3 and sold it the same weekend for $222.50. Even though he was happy, he couldn’t get over the fact that if he had bought the other 3, he would have made another $600+.

Chances are you are probably already pretty familiar with a certain category and have a good idea if something is valuable when you see it. Buying things in that category would be a great place to start.

Here are some categories the I have been successful with that may get you thinking…

Electronics… (My personal favorite category)

Computer Stuff, Laptops, Video Games, Video Game Systems, iPods, mp3 players, cell phones, flat screen tv’s and monitors, DVD and Blu-Ray players, Satellite Radios, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Stereo Equipment, Car Stereo Equipment, GPS units, and much more.

I buy from this category because it has items I’m interested in. I can find many of these items each week, and it is pretty easy for me to find the resale value.

I have bought every one of these items at one point or another.

I’ve made $10,000’s in profits from these items.

I even bought a remote control one time for $20 that I sold for over $250!
(Keep reading and I’ll tell you how I knew to buy it)

Here are a few items that I have bought in this category with their value…


Power Tools, Drills, Saws, Nail Guns, Compressors, Generators, Hand tools, etc

Higher end tool brands sell best.  Like DeWalt, Milwaukee, etc

I bought a generator once for $50 and sold it for $350.

Automotive Equipment…

Tires, Wheels, Electronics, or any auto part that may have value

I have purchases wheels with tires in the past for under $100 and sold the sets for $200-$400.

I have also purchased in dash GPS/DVD/Satellite System for an Escalade for $50 and sold it for $500!

Household Items…

Vacuums, Carpet Cleaners, Roomba Robot Vacuums

I have typically picked up Carpet Cleaners and Roombas for around $10-$20 and sold them for $60-$150.

Baby Stuff and Equipment…

Baby Gates, Pack n Plays, Cribs, Strollers, Jogging Strollers, Monitors and Video Monitors, etc

When my kids were little, I was very familiar with this category and would make good profits on all kinds of baby items.

The thing about this category is that there is always a great supply, because babies and kids grow out of stuff, and there is always a demand because new babies are always coming along!

Clothes and Baby Clothes…

There is a market for these items, especially online, but it can be a lot of work for a little profit, unless you are dealing with high end items.

I have purchased and made decent profits in this category, but due to the amount of time it takes for me to dig through the items at each sale, picture the items, and write a detailed description of each item, I found that I prefer many of the other categories.

My lack of love for this category could be because I don’t like to clothes shop at stores either, so like I said before, pick something you are already familiar with and interested in. :)


There are a lot toys that are expensive in the store and people buy them used to save a few bucks.  This can be a great category if you can find clean toys that are still in demand.

There are also many collectible toys that people buy. Sometimes if you can find a bunch of them, you can sell them for a great price in a lot on Ebay.

Sometimes I have stumbled on toys that have a good resale value because I found box of them for cheap and just purchased them.  One small box I purchased for $3 sold for over $250!  I have now bought those toys multiple times because I knew what to look for!
 -I’ll save the details of what they were for my Ebook :)  
(But of course if you sent me a message, I’m sure I would tell you what it was)

Bikes and Scooters…

Kids Bikes, Adult Bikes, Highend Road Bikes, Bike Trailers, Electric Scooters, or other Electric Ride-ons

There is a lot of potential in this category and these items are always in demand.

Just make sure the batteries work in the electric items or consider that in your purchase and resale price.

I have purchased many bikes for $30 and sold for over $100, even some bikes I have sold for $200-$300

I have purchased power wheels for $30-$50 and sold for $80-$150


DVDs and Blu-Ray, Books and Textbooks, Infomercial Products, etc

DVD’s – New or Disney are most valuable, also box sets and TV Seasons can be valuable

Books and Textbooks – Most are worth nothing, but some books and textbooks can be worth $20-$100.

Infomercial Products Weight Loss, Make Money, and Real Estate are popular and can have value

I have bought Disney DVDs for a $1 each and sold them altogether for over $100

I have bought Textbooks for a $1-2 that sold for over $50-$100 each.

I have bought Infomercial Products from $1-20 and sold them for $40-$100

Musical Instruments…

Guitars, Amps, and Keyboards are very easy to buy and sell. Also band instruments like Saxophones, Clarinets, Trumpets, Flutes, etc. can be easy to resell.

I have purchased a Flute of $20 and sold for $75

I have purchased a Clarinet for $30 and sold for $90

I have purchased Saxophone for $30 and sold it for around $275

Plus I’ve bought and sold many guitars, amps, and keyboards.

There are cheap versions of all these instruments that may not be worth much, so you may want to look up their values before buying.

Antiques and Collectibles…

Anything old that looks like it might be valuable to a collector.

This category can be the hardest to master, but has tremendous income potential.

If you watch Storage Wars or American Pickers, you know there is a lot of potential profit in this category!

(If you are experienced in this category and have had success in this category, I would love to find somebody to share their tips, Contact me if you would like to help)

Lawn Equipment…

Lawn Mowers, Weed Eaters, Edgers, Blowers, and any other power equipment

I have purchased each of these items for cheap and made good profits, but if I don’t have a truck that day, I normally pass.

Sports Equipment…

Golf Clubs, Bats, Valuable Training Equipment, Surfboards/Snow Boards, Skateboards, etc

Like with any category, there are a lot cheap items in this category, but if you know what to look for and know what is in demand, you can make good profits.  Many sports items are very expensive and therefore have good resale value!

There are too many items in this category to list, but usually a name brand that was expensive to start with will retain it’s value.

Just a couple weeks ago, I bought a softball bat for $5 that I sold a couple days later for $60

I have also bought name brand golf clubs sets for $30-50 and sold them for $100-$200

I’ve even bought a pitching machine twice. Once for $50 and sold for $300 and once for $30 and sold for $160

Furniture and Appliances…

Depending on the size of the items, this may not be feasible, but I know people that own resell stores that buy furniture all day and make $100’s in profits on each item. There is a lot of nice furniture that you will find at garage sales and it is usually there for a while because unless somebody is in the market for that piece, they’re not going to buy it.

This is also true of washers, dryers, freezers, refrigerators , etc

This can be a profitable category, but you will need a truck or trailer and storage space.

Gold and Jewelery…

I don’t personally buy in this category, but there are many who make a living telling people that they buy gold, silver, and jewelry. Most of them have a price that they are willing to pay by the gram, and they weigh the gold etc, and give a price. Because most people don’t realize that gold is worth over $1000/ounce, they are shocked when they find out that someone will pay them $200-$300 for that old or broken jewelry they don’t want or don’t use.

It’s a great potential market, it’s just not for me. Plus I hate jewelry, so that once again goes with the idea that you buy what you know and like.  

Hopefully, I have given you a lot of items to get you going. If I had known what to look for or thought about looking for these items when I first got started, I would have made a lot more money!

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