Free Printable Garage Sale Checklist

2-3 Weeks prior to the sale

  • Start to Gather Yard Sale Items
  • Check your area’s rules (Permit’s, HOA Rules, Signs, etc)
  • Choose Your Sale Date
  • Find someone to help you with your sale or join in
  • Compose your newspaper ad or Craigslist Ad
  • Place your Ad with Local Newspaper (if desired)

1 Week prior to the sale

  • Clean and Repair your items
  • Find Tables, Shelves, Blankets, Clothes Line or Racks, Hangers
  • Get Change for your customers ($1’s, $5’s, $10’s, and coins)
  • Print or Buy Pricing Labels or Tags
  • Start to Price Your Items and Research Values
  • Buy or Make the Signs for Your Garage Sale
  • Buy Snacks and Drinks to eat and drink during your sale
  • Arrange for post-sale charity pick up for drop off
  • Post Your Garage Sale on Craigslist (if applicable your city)

The day prior to the sale

  • Set up what you can on tables before the sale
  • Finish pricing items with stickers, signs, or tags
  • Gather Grocery bags and maybe boxes for sold merchandise
  • Have Batteries and an Extension Cord available

The day of the sale

  • Get Up Early and Get Breakfast and Coffee
  • Set up your sale before you put out signs if you want to be ready
  • Put out your signs (Make sure arrows and directions are clear each step)
  • Have a Good Sale!

After the sale is over

  • Clean Up
  • Remove your sale signs
  • Set out your stuff for Charity Pick-Up or Drop Off

Download this Printable Garage Sale Checklist for Easy Printing
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