There are usually 2 types of people that have garage sales…

1. Those who want to just get rid of stuff.
2. Those who want to make a little bit of extra money.

You have to decide where you are fit into these categories. You may want to start out to make money, and then later work towards getting rid of the rest of the stuff.

Dealing with Hagglers/Negotiating Price

It’s very common for you to be offered lower prices for your items that what you are asking. Most of the time this is done in a courteous and friendly manner.

You will need to decide ahead of time how much you are willing to go down on items and as the day goes on you may want to accept lower offers so that you are not stuck with the stuff.

It is always best to be friendly but firm.

There are those who will be rude and insulting about your prices if you are not willing to accept their offer. You can’t take this personally, just know that this is part of doing business and remember that it makes for very funny stories later.

Don’t be taken advantage of and don’t let somebody make you feel bad.
It is true that they may find the same item much cheaper somewhere else. Some people practically give away their stuff!  Just congratulate them on a great find. I’m glad people give away stuff for cheap. That’s how I’m able to make a few hundred dollars each week!

How you handle this is totally in your hands, just be prepared for it. :)