Here a few tips to Advertise Your Garage Sale

The type of advertising you do depends on the area that you live.

In most areas a simple Craigslist Ad and Some Good Signs may be all you need!

This works best for those people who live in areas that already get a lot of traffic and typically have a large number of garage sales already nearby.
If you live in a more rural area or not a in a highly populated residential area it is important to put ads out to tell people where you are located and give them enough information about what kind of goodies you will have at your garage sale that will entice them to make the drive to your sale.

I think the only additional marketing you may consider is your local newspaper.

Some areas don’t have a well established Craigslist, so people still use the newspaper when trying to find upcoming sales.  

Garage Sale Signs

Make sure your signs are clear and point people towards your sale.

It’s good to use the same kind of sign, so they know that they are still heading to the right garage sale.

Make the arrows big and clear.

For tips on garage sale signs, see my tutorial on Garage Sale Signs Here…  

Putting your Garage Sale Ad on Craigslist

For your ad on Craigslist, put a description that will entice people.

Use words like Huge… Big… or  A Lot of Great Items.

Put categories of things, like “Baby Stuff” “Electronics” “Antiques”, “DVDs”, etc and even list some specifics items in your ad that may draw people to your sale.

You can put times in your ad, but be careful about putting your exact address unless you are okay with 7am early birds knocking on your door.

If you don’t want people knocking on your door at 6am or even the night before your sale, don’t put your address. Just put a street name or neighborhood.

I suggest just putting either your street or your neighborhood and the street your neighborhood is off of and telling people to follow the signs.  

Create a Multi-Family or Community Sale…

Another great way to market is to join together with a couple other houses and your street and do your garage sale the same day. This way you can market Multi-Family Garage Sales, 3 Houses participating.

You can also split the cost of a newspaper ad if you need that in your area and you will get a better turnout.


There are lot of people that go to garage sales, so just do what you need to let them know where you are, then get ready for them to come! You are now ready to move on to the next section…

Dealing with Garage Sale Customers