There are 2 types of Garage Sale Signs

  1. The kind that you buy
  2. The kind that you make

Both of these signs can be effective.

What’s most important is that your signs are

  • Easy to See
  • Clear to Read
  • Have Clear Arrows
  • They Get People to Your Sale!

My Simple Method for Setting Up Your Signs…

Always give the next step If your sign is far from your neighborhood, give them the next road name. When they get close to your neighborhood, give them your neighborhood name.
When they get in your neighborhood, give them the street name.
When they get on your street, give them the house number.

If you are sending them a long way without a sign, give them an “encouragement sign”
Keep Going…
Almost There…

Just simple “clear” Arrows can work though

My Preferred type of Garage Sale Sign…

I like Garage Sale signs that you buy with the wire frame stand because they are clear, waterproof and easy to put in the ground.

You can get them at Home Depot or Wal-mart.

I prefer to stay away from the flimsy, cheap signs because the don’t go in the ground well and often fold up in the wind or blow over. Some have cheap stakes that spin and point people the wrong way!



Here are examples of some good signs that you can buy…



Here are the ones I would stay away from…



Making your own Garage Sale Signs…

If you don’t want to spend money on signs, you can make your own signs.

You may still need to buy some materials, like stakes, markers, or posterboard.


Here are many examples of homemade garage sale signs

The Good….



The Bad…



A few extra tips…

Make sure you put them far enough out to get the traffic you need. If you live off a busy street then you may not need as many.

Know your home owners association, county or city laws about signs, many places they may get picked up by the “sign police” or code enforcement, but for $10 you can often get a permit so they won’t steal your signs like they do mine!

You can keep your signs from being taken by putting on neighborhood property like a median or near a neighborhood sign. As long as they are not on the city or county right of way, they won’t get taken.

You can also protect your signs from being taken by code enforcement by purchasing a permit for around $10 from your city or county.

Balloons draw attention to your signs from passing motorists. So they make a good option.

Don’t put your address on your sign unless it’s big enough for people to read. Most people driving by can’t slow down enough or focus enough to even read small print. A simple “Arrow” will work.

Depending on the type of your sign, you may want to avoid putting your signs out the night before your sale, because either rain or the dew can cause them to droop or ruin.

See… (PHOTO)

Have extra garage sale signs available, in case some of your signs do go missing during your sale.

You may even want to ask occasionally if people saw your signs ok.


If you make great signs, go pick them up after your sale and save them for your next sale!
Now that you’ve got your Garage Sale Sign figured out, move onto the next section…

Advertising Your Garage Sale