Misc Tips:

The Bathroom

Be prepared that it’s possible someone may ask to use your bathroom.

I normally don’t let people use the bathroom, but the one time I did was because it was a little kid. From that time and all the stories I have heard, it never ends well. That time was awful and on top of that there was crayon writing on the toilet.

But the best reason to avoid this is because you open yourself up for theft.

Use your discretion, but if you are going to decide ahead of time, it’s always good to think of a good excuse ahead of time.  

Holding Stuff for Someone

There will be people that will go through stuff and ask if you will hold it for them.

Most of the time this works out ok, but it is important to use your discernment and set a specific amount of time in which you will hold it. If you hold it all day and they don’t come back, you won’t be able to sell and will have lost additional sales on those items.

It may be helpful to get a deposit and/or a cell phone number.  

Protect Yourself from Theft

There are those who will either distract you or look to see if you are distracted and walk off with items.

Put your valuable smaller items near where you or other helpers may be. It is common for people to pocket small items at garage sales or even take items out of the box and put the box back. I felt bad for a lady when I was going to buy a valuable phone from her that she had 1/2 way down her driveway, but we found out when I went to buy it, it was no longer in the box!

People will switch the price tags on items too!

People will also take larger items too on their way out if you are really busy, so keep an eye out, but protect your most valuable stuff by keeping them close.

Also check inside items that people buy to make sure they didn’t load it with additional items. For example, storage containers, suitcases, etc.

Keep your money in area off-limits to garage salers. We usually keep ours in a bin inside the garage. Others keep in a fanny pack. People know that there are often times a few hundred dollars in cash around and they will take it if it’s easily accessible. Be Smart!

Also Identity Theft! 😉

Computers or Laptops:

Be careful with selling your computers if you have bank accounts or information that you want to protect.

Computers or Laptops are great items to sell, but you might want to do a restore on them before you sell them.

Many sellers just remove the hard drive, but that can cut the sales price down  

Beware of Counterfeits or Quick-Change Artists

Counterfeit Bills are becoming more common these days, so when somebody wants change for a large bill be sure to check for little blue and red fibers in the paper or the watermark in the bill. There are other ways to tell as well.

If someone needs you to make change for their bill, be sure that you take the bill first, so they don’t put it back in their pocket and say they gave it to you. Also keep they bill separate so they don’t try to tell you that they gave you a $20 bill when they only gave you a $10.  

All Sales Final

You may want to put a sign up that says “All Sales are Final” or you run the risk of somebody showing up at your doorstep wanting a refund for something they bought.

I don’t normally do this, because I figure they know where I live, so I’d rather make them happy. I try to be pretty honest with people to start with, but there are some pretty crazy people out there and I’ve heard many stories. So use your own discretion, but be smart and don’t try to rip people off either.